Guide to Football Live Streaming

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Football live streaming is more popular than ever. According to SVG Europe, 33% of football fans now prefer watching football via live streams instead of attending games in-person, with the Premier League alone regularly attracting over 3 billion viewers from across 190 different countries.

And with so many different streaming options at affordable price packages, it’s hard to blame fans for doing this. After all, why travel halfway across the country when you can watch any live game you want from home? From a fan’s perspective, it’s a no-brainer.

Where to Watch Football Streams (Updated for 2024)

Whichever part of the world you live in, it’s easy to watch football streams provided that you can get connected. As of 2024, the best streaming platforms for all of the major leagues, from the Premier League to Ligue 1, include:

⚽ Sky Sports

⚽ beIN Sports

⚽ TNT Sports

⚽ Amazon Prime



⚽ NBC Sports

⚽ Now TV

One thing you’ll need to do is to check the streaming schedule for the leagues that you follow. For example, not every Premier League game is shown on Sky Sports. Sometimes, a particular game might be shown on beIN Sports while another game is being shown on Amazon Prime. This is why it’s a smart strategy to check fixture lists ahead of time so that you can see which games are being shown on which platforms.

Also, remember that some leagues are only shown on specific streaming services. For example, Ligue 1 games are primarily shown on DAZN, whereas the majority of Premier League games are on Sky Sports. If you can only afford to subscribe to one platform, then it’s recommended you prioritize the one that shows the most games from your favourite sports league.

The Rise of Football Streaming Through Betting Apps

Outside of traditional football streaming apps, you can also stream live football games through some betting apps. This is why (over recent years) lots of fans have made the switch to betting apps so that they can watch and bet on live games on-the-go.

The go to website for small betting players, recommends you do this if you’re a fan of football betting and also want to save money by not using traditional streaming services. After all, Sky Sports and TNT Sports subscriptions can be expensive.

For example, you can use bet365 to stream lots of football games from the Premier League, LaLiga, and other popular leagues. Simply navigate the bet365 menus, find games with a live streaming symbol next to them, place a bet, and you’ll be granted access to watch the full game live.

It’s also important to let you know that not every football game is shown through betting apps. With an app like bet365, you can expect a decent amount of Premier League games to be streamed every season, but on many occasions they won’t be shown. This is when you’ll need to use a different provider to watch the game you’re interested in, such as Sky Sports.

Avoid Illegal Football Streams

The illegal football streaming market all around the world. Fairly recently, a YouGov Sport survey found that 5.1 million adults in England, Scotland, and Wales watch sports via illegal streaming sites. However, because the illegal streaming market is having a negative impact on the officially licensed broadcasters, such as Sky Sports, it’s now leading to authorities conducting a major crackdown on illegal sites.

There’s also a strong focus on modified Amazon Fire sticks, which millions of people currently use to watch all the latest football. This is something that FACT UK, an anti-illegal streaming company, has commented on:

“Our Intelligence Unit investigates these reports. We then take action, which includes sending ‘Cease and Desist’ letters and doing nationwide ‘Knock and Talks’.”

Moving forward, the aim is to eliminate illegal streaming entirely, both through Amazon Fire sticks and illegal websites. This is why it’s advised you only ever stream football the legal way through streaming sites and apps provided in this guide.

By Bob